I've been keeping the geblinkenlights geblinking since the early 90s; if it happens in, around, or near a rack I've done it. My skills include: systems administration, back-end systems programming and front-end web applications, database management and RDBS design, source control administration, configuration management, build and release engineering, and plenty more I'm forgetting. I've managed teams, run training, designed and implemented budgets and policy for both IT and Web Operations.

I'm allergic to dogma, your favourite programming language is great, and I make a mean cup of coffee.

Work History

Senior Systems Development Engineer @ Amazon, Inc.

April 2015 -

Key technology & skills: Python, bash, Linux, AWS services, distributed systems design

Doin' some stuff for AWS Glacier. It's pretty great.

Senior Developer Technology Engineer @ Imagination Technologies

January 2011 ‐ February 2015

Key technology & skills: Python, Django, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LessCSS, bash, fabric, Jenkins, Debian, nginx, virtualization

I built a lot of things. Some of my favourites were:
  • Designed, deployed and maintained all customer-facing services for, including: CMS, blog and web store, end-user licensing and activation servers, application metrics and analytics servers, all continuously deployed from git by jenkins and custom fabric build tools to high-availability clusters hosted by RackSpace;
  • Tools for continuously-deploying fully-automated and self-healing infrastructure to the RackSpace Managed Cloud, used for production infra deployments and daily spin up/tear-down of a complete staging environment;
  • Cross-platform build, test and release tools that ran the build pipeline from initial check-in to build and smoke tests all the way through regression testing of multiple end-user products and internal tools;
  • Automated software verification and regression toolkit and data-visualization tools

I.T. Manager @ Caustic Graphics, Inc.

October 2008 ‐ January 2011

Key technology & skills: Debian, Windows, OS X, VMWare, Active Directory, Open Directory, LDAP, NFS, Samba, JIRA, Confluence, perl, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Apache, git, subversion, postfix, Zimbra, Exchange Server, Nagios, Puppet

  • Designed, deployed and maintained all customer-facing services for, including CMS, CRM, blog, web store and forums;
  • Built custom license management tools for end-user applications;
  • Administered a mixed computing environment of dozens of Windows, OS X and Linux workstations and servers;
  • Maintained revision control systems for software and hardware engineering teams;
  • Maintained internal tools in the critical path, ensuring cross-platform AD/OD interoperability, the Atlassian product suite, etc;
  • Deployed new infrastructure including migrations from subversion to git, exchange server to zimbra, buildbot to hudson, jabber to IRC
  • Implemented backup and disaster recovery schemes using custom cross-platform backup software;
  • Frequent collaborations across multiple departments to maintain interoperability and communication
  • Advised on budget and security policies

I.T. Director @ SplutterFish, LLC

April 2003 ‐ October 2008

Key technology & skills: FreeBSD, perl, HTML::Mason, PHP, Apache, twiki, bugzilla

  • Designed, deployed and maintained all customer-facing services for, including CMS, CRM, web store, forums;
  • Implemented an integrated customer support system using IRC, web-based chat proxies, FTP, forums and wiki;
  • Built, maintained and administered FreeBSD servers for;
  • Responsible for all technical budget, policy, and security considerations

SysAdmin, IT Consultant, Web Developer @ Gold & Appel Development

January 1996 ‐ October 2008

Key technology & skills: FreeBSD, Solaris, perl, HTML, CSS, XML

For several years I ran an independent IT consulting and programming firm, focusing on short-term contracts and website bootstrapping.

My favourite work during this period was for the Canadian Adoptees Registry, an organization dedicated to reuniting adopted children with their birth families. We provided them with custom data reporting and analysis tools, basic content management and infrastructure for their website.

Programmer @ Barrie Connex

January 1996 ‐ May 1999

Key technology & skills: Solaris, perl, HTML, CSS, XML

  • Helped build a custom ISP authentication, billing and customer management platform;
  • Designed and depoyed a custom helpdesk ticketing system for end-user support;
  • Assisted with systems and network administration of NNTP, Radius, web and mail servers

Interests And Hobbies

I am down with nerdery of all kinds; my particular flavour encompasses music, gaming (video and board and card), fiction, coffee, and dogs.